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Shrek The Third 1080p Monitor

shrek the third 1080p monitor


Shrek The Third 1080p Monitor




















































Shrek The Third 1080p Monitor



The story is fairly simple: Shrek (MIKE MEYERS) is the proud father of three baby ogres and husband to the lovely Fiona (CAMERON DIAZ) but his daily life has become a bore and he longs for the days when townspeople were scared just by the mere sight of him. .. But youd need a far more powerful device to power the animation, because this is where Shrek The Third strikes gold: it simply looks stunning. Spotlight on Fiona (9:53; HD) This featurette brings the focus on Fiona voiced by Cameron Diaz with interviews (mixture of old and new) from various members of the cast (including Diaz) and crew. The 7.1 TrueHD track gets a leg up from its predecessor with crisp audio throughout. The Hunger Games UKBDCreated by Intergalactic Ponce on 25th May 2012 16:42 4 4526 9th Sep 2012 11:34by Intergalactic Ponce . OVERALL 4/5. Spotlight on Donkey (11:38; HD) This featurette obviously focuses on the Eddie Murphy-voiced Donkey character. All in all, even though this isnt as good as the first Shrek and a far cry from the brilliance that was Shrek 2, I am glad DreamWorks Animation decided to take one more stab to finish out the franchise on a high note rather than leaving it to the mediocrity of Shrek the Third.


Theatrical Releases: Conan The Barbarian Created by OGMcdougal on 9th May 2011 18:47 1 5424 18th Jun 2011 21:24by Intergalactic Ponce . With the help of his faithful steed Donkey, Shrek takes on a potion-brewing Fairy Grandmother, the pompous Prince Charming, and the famed ogre-killer, Puss in Boots, a ferocious feline foe whos really just a pussycat at heart. The disc offers up Shreks Yule Log (30:18; HD) which is just a scrolling image of a roaring fire to bring that holiday spirit on Christmas. However, that was not so here. I dont know, as good as the first two Shrek movies were, its quite disappointing this third installment seemed like it wasnt even trying and no doubt thanks to Shrek 2s humungous box office haul, I wonder if they didnt rush the story along. Desired Special EditionsCreated by Necroscope on 24th October 2013 10:52 1 4991 12th Nov 2013 19:00by robert19203 . As far as second-tier (i.e.


SHREK THE THIRD 5/5. Most of the interview footage is from that films year (i.e. I know this review will not stop anyone who loved the previous movies from going to the third, but I just want to warn that its nothing to rush to or stand in line for. The extras are mainly holdovers from the DVD, although they do bother to encode the majority of them in 1080p. Packaging: Four standard Blu-ray cases slide inside a sturdy outer box. source Disappointing . Exclusive to the HD DVD, although still not as good as it should have been, is a picture in picture feature whereby you can see, as the film plays, some of the work in progress materials and deleted bits and bobs. Theatrical Release Date: Shrek May 18, 2001; Shrek 2 May 19, 2004; Shrek the Third May 18, 2007; Shrek Forever After May 21, 2010. Plot: Happily ever after seemed so far far away when a trip to meet the in-laws turns into another adventure for Shrek and Fiona. In all, an extras package that makes a nice long list, but theres nothing really worthy going out of your way for.


DISC INFO: Features: Feature Commentaries, Animators Corner (Picture-in-Picture), Featurettes, Music Videos, Specials Number of Discs: 4. I remember in Shrek 2, I was laughing out loud with each passing pop culture reference and innuendo being bantered around. But, the trailer looked great and the stories have worked so far, my mom and I saw the premier show today and while the movie has great laughs, there seemed to be something lacking in the Shrek world. To be fair, you could even have mapped out the plot points on an Etch-A-Sketch this time round. Under Deck the Swamp are 12 Days of Christmas Pop-Up Book (2:18; HD), Donkeys Decoration Scramble game and Cookin With Cookie (4:54; HD). Not one to give up his beloved swamp, Shrek recruits his friends Donkey and Puss in Boots to install the rebellious Artie as the new king. A film with a few moments does not win against a good, simple movie. Marcus's Side ProjectCreated by Marcus1138 on 31st July 2012 19:44 0 4504 19th Jan 2014 17:58by Marcus1138 . We also get the music video (4:00) for Darling I Do, a segment (3:56) from Shrek the Musical and From Swamp to Stage: The Making of Shrek the Musical (8:13) hosted by Cameron Diaz. SHREK 2 4.5/5.

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